Enjoy an Independent Easter!

The 'Enjoy an Independent Easter' event, part of the Support for Independent Retail campaign, focuses on encouraging local, consumer-facing independent businesses to create fun activities that will have a positive social and economic impact in their locale.

The campaign is now in its third year, following its launch in 2013. Towns are invited to run the event between Saturday 21st March and Monday 6th April - capturing most of the UK's standard school holidays in the two weeks to Easter (which lands on 5th April).

During that period, shoppers will be able to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, visiting participating shops on their Easter Egg Hunt maps to collect their 'eggs' (pretty, egg-shaped stickers). Once all the eggs have been collected, the shoppers will win a prize - perhaps a real chocolate egg or another Easter-themed treat. Kids will also receive a certificate of completion. Some towns even offer consumers the chance to enter a prize draw!

Why should retailers participate?

The 'Enjoy an Independent Easter' campaign is one of three annual events, joining Independent Retailer Month and Celebrate an Independent Christmas, as part of the Support for Independent Retail campaign.

Together, these three events create a nationwide effort to improve footfall to our high streets, towns and village centres, increasing consumer confidence and boosting retail sales. The campaign was founded by Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion.

Find out more about Enjoy an Independent Easter.

Helping consumers find independent shops

Helping consumers find independent shopsTo help consumers to find independent shops near them, we have created a searchable directory of UK independent retailers. This makes it easier for shoppers to find their local independent shops and enables them to make the choice to shop indie more often!

It is FREE to list your business, allows consumers to search by town and postcode, and provides regular social media promotion for retailers via a dedicated Twitter account. The directory is also open to online-only retailers - in fact, any business that primarily serves the consumer can get a listing, including shops, cafes, restaurants and salons.

With thousands of visitors each month looking for independent retailers, listing your business could provide a steady supply of new ideal customers.

Find out more and sign up at our independent shops directory.

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